Sander Bowen

Sander Bowen, author and expert in what exactly? Who can say since this person doesn't seem to be around much these days and I can't find any archived data on the person. How irritating!

From what I could glean from the original form of this website, there was very little actual substance in there aside from what appeared to be a lot of software-generated content that appeared to almost readable by a human, although it did not provide much in the way of usable information. Is it any wonder the originator of this site abandoned it?

There was also this: 3 methods for the way to Trade the Cup and Handle Pattern - How to Trade Head and Shoulders first-rate and Bottoms - The ascending triangle.

What About a Video?

Might as well display a video explaining that last statement in some way from an expert in financial matters.

There is a Twitter account that is still active here: