How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Do you want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners as well as intermediate and even experienced people working from home independently from a job or a boss?

In the present climate of restrictions and the shaky confidence in the stability of jobs, it would be a prudent move to train yourself in ways of making an alternative income that is not tied to a job that you can't be sure will still be there tomorrow!

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

To get yourself started, you first need to figure out what it is that you want to promote. There are so many different products or services out there it can be overwhelming to be confronted with them all at once.

affiliate marketingSo the best way forward is to choose a topic that you have an interest in and some knowledge of. This is referred to in marketing circles as a ″niche.″ Also, be sure it is a subject that would interest a lot of other people as well, because you will need to find willing buyers for the offers you will be promoting.

On the flip side, you should try to steer clear of highly competitive niches, at least to begin with while you get a foot in the door. Niches like finance, credit, health, gambling and dating tend to attract the most competition from other marketers all eager to grab the mountains of cash they can pay out to affiliates.

Niche Down

It is best to choose a low to medium competition niche and then drill down to find easier sub-niches. These are ones that still have worthwhile products to promote but won't have all the big marketers clamouring to shut you out of the profits.

For example, while the fitness niche is very competitive, if you specialize in a certain sub-niche, let's say cycling, for example and then drill down even further to, say, safety clothing for cyclists, you will find there may be certain items that cyclists want to buy that very few marketers are actually promoting.

This is called niching down. It's another way of saying to take a small sub-section of a niche and then find profitable sub-sections of that.

Sign Up to an Affiliate Network

Once you have settled upon a sub-niche to promote, you will need to find who is selling products/services in that sub-niche. The best way is to join one or more affiliate networks. The most popular of these for selling physical goods is Amazon.

If you have chosen to promote digital products like ebooks or online courses, a good company to start with is Clickbank. This is relatively easy to join and get started with, although there is some learning to be done before you can let yourself loose in there!

You will need a place to create landing pages for the products that you want to promote. These are web pages that you create with a combination of product review and sales copy to pre-sell a buyer so that when they click your affiliate link to go on to the product vendor, they are already warmed up to buy.

Websites and Hosting

You can either host your own website for this, which is the preferred route, or you can use one of the free website or blog platforms. Be aware that there can be restrictions on free websites and if you in some way run afoul of their terms of service, they can pull the plug on your page without warning.

Your own website is, on the other hand, completely yours and under your control. As long as it doesn't break any laws, you can create it the way that you want it to look and fill it with your own brand of content that is unique to you.

There are costs involved in owning your own ″.com" website, from the annual registration of the domain to the hosting cost as well as other costs you may incur such as outsourcing any content creation or software builds. To begin with, you will probably not need to outsource anything to keep costs down.

Using a good and highly reputable domain registrar is very important. Finding one that offers domains at reasonable prices as well as not hiking the price on subsequent years is also a big consideration. I can recommend the registrar I use personally, which is Namesilo (click the link to visit their site and see the registration prices for yourself).

It is also a sound investment to have good quality hosting and if you can write your own material, this can be a big cost saving, although it will take up some of your time.

You have to figure out what is more valuable to you. Your time or your money!

There are many good web hosts around. My personal recommendations are Bluehost for regular, landing-page types of websites and blogs and Hosixy for larger websites and mass page generation, which is perhaps a side of marketing that you may get interested in later on.

If you are truly serious about making a full-time income from affiliate marketing, I would also suggest investing in a good training course. Sure you can learn a lot from websites and videos for free, but you will only go so far and find you are missing large pieces of the puzzle that can take you from earning just a few bucks a day to hundreds or even thousands of dollar a day!

I can recommend one of the best affiliate marketing training courses of them all, created by a seven figure marketer who teaches his own methods of making millions per year. The author's name is John Crestani and the course is called Super Affiliate System. You can watch John's introductory video for free by clicking the image below:

I should also point out that if you're going to learn how to do something, you should choose a teacher that is already hugely successful at doing it. John is that person!

After all, you wouldn't go to your barber for financial advice. You'd go to a financial advisor who is making a lot of money by following their own advice!

To learn to be a top affiliate marketer, john Crestani is the man to teach you how to do it the right way and avoid the many mistakes that new affiliates make. There is even more info available in this great Super Affiliate System review, or you can just click the image above and watch the video to find out all about it from the horse's mouth!

Really. Invest in John Crestani's Super Affiliate System course and learn from the master. You will not be disappointed!

As an affiliate of Super Affiliate System, I earn from qualifying sales.

Progressing with Internet Marketing

From global corporations to thousands of ″one man bands,″ internet marketing businesses are an important part of the global, digital economy.

If you are new to Internet marketing, you more than likely are wondering where you should begin. They might go to Google and type in "make money online" or something similar. While it might look like a great way to start getting organic traffic, this is actually a tough thing for newbies to actually do when they begin.

There are far too many predatory sales letters out there all designed to take your money and keep you coming back for more. A safe way to go is to join a respectable web business forum. Definitely safe on the list. If you find any that are restricted by country (and there are a few), there are lots of tools which can help you spoof your IP, but that again is a subject for a whole other article in itself.

Asking relevant questions is something you could do. You could also read all of the responses. You really have to be careful. There are many treacherous paths to take when you are starting out with Internet marketing.

It All Needs to be Done

There are several tasks and decisions you have to make before you proceed with your online business. Regardless of what you do first, you need to remember that everything needs to be done. That is the important part.

You need to figure out if you want to sell a product or service when you start out. Another related decision is to create your own products, if you want to work with them, or pursue affiliate marketing.

Your various personal preferences will modify the decisions that you ultimately make. Taking your time and making the right choice for you, is something that should be done. You can always change your mind and do something else.

Chase the Right Target

It is very common for people that do not have experience to chase the wrong thing, especially in regard to Internet marketing. Making money online may keep people selling affiliate products for many years on end.

Some people go in the direction of writing. That may be where you were headed. There are certainly lots of products, try watching videos that might give you some help.

Recently, you may have taken a certain course on article writing for copywriting. Maybe you tried to earn your online money by getting clients and built on that type of the foundation. Perhaps you discovered that you could earn a full-time living doing copywriting or freelance writing. So think very carefully about what you really want to do, or just follow your heart.

Are There Drawbacks to Affiliate Marketing?

Actually, there can be some pretty big drawbacks that will come along with being anybody's affiliate. For instance, you will be subject to the decisions and possibly whims of other entities.

You will be working with, or for, an affiliate network or a business, and then there is the product creator whose stuff you are trying to sell. They have the ability to announce whatever they want whenever they want and not have to worry about what it will do to your business.

That is part of the territory that goes with affiliate marketing. If you're dealing with a private company as one of its affiliates and not with an affiliate network like Clickbank, then you are taking an even bigger risk.

You need to have a solid idea of what is most important to do in the beginning. These basic guidelines will help you stay safe and moving forward.

There are some things you should consider and many details that go along with them. When it comes to online marketing, it is a literal maze or labyrinth that you must go through, sort of like groping in the dark.


The bottom line is that affiliate marketing can be a hugely lucrative business to get into if you learn all the right ways to go about it and have the necessary work ethic to take the appropriate action to get things underway.

There are many ways of achieving a full-time income and sustaining it in the long term when you know how, having gained that knowledge from a long time expert in the field. If you really want to take responsibility for your own financial status, this is one way of taking control and making knowledge and strategy work for you.