Affiliate Marketing Growth with Clickbank and Adwords

Learn how to achieve affiliate marketing growth with Clickbank and Adwords in combination to provide digital products to sell and targeted traffic to buy them!

One of the most important aspects of running an online business is to ensure that you always have both products that people want to buy and traffic to your site.

Obviously it's difficult to keep creating new products which is why Clickbank is so useful particularly to new online entrepreneurs.

PPC Ads Plus Affiliate Network

Google AdWords and Clickbank go hand in hand when it comes to setting up a successful online business. affiliate marketing growthTraffic is the number one objective of any website, no matter what you are selling and the more targeted that traffic is to what you are promoting, the better your sales will be.

Google AdWords is one of the most reliable ways to get targeted traffic on any topic imaginable. And once they arrive, your prospects will have instant access to a wide array of downloadable products to purchase via Clickbank.

However, there's a catch here. In order to make the most of the AdWords and Clickbank services, the consumer should be familiar with how these products work. While AdWords has been declared as one of the most successful direct affiliate marketing services on the web, it will take some experience and first hand knowledge to really benefit from it.

This article will go over ways that you could advertise Clickbank products through AdWords.


Once you complete your advertising program on Google's PPC platform, you will want to shut off the content network capability that is automatically included with your account. This capability provides Google the ability to put your advertisements on certain partner sites like Blogger, Youtube and external platforms like Hub Pages or privately owned websites and blogs.

The content network feature should be turned off since the traffic you receive therefrom is not as targeted when compared to the ads which show in the search results. For example, if you operate a landing page which gathers contact data such as email address, the visitors landing on your page via the content network will not be as prone to sign up as the visitors coming from the search listings.

So it just makes sense to save your money and turn off the content network. You can check out the content network when you have a huge testing budget to play with advertising.

But, for right now, stay with the search results only. When you're connected to Adwords account be sure that your country specific settings are correct, for instance avoid using a VPN or proxy based in another country as it will give you misleading results and information on keywords.

Track Visitors

You must know how your visitors are converting and where are your visitors going in order to know this important issue in running your site successfully and profitable. You can not practically expect to start your sale effort unless you have figured out your numbers.

This is a frequent and costly error that many make when they are making use of PPC and the Clickbank affiliate network. They just load their AdWords account with funds and just let Google take care of the money part.

The releasing of an arrow in the dark is not much different that this action. You're making critical business decisions in the absence of data. You lose a lot of potential profit if you promote several products and don't keep track of which ones are really selling.

Test and Test Some More

The right way to do this is to start off by testing a small sample of traffic and make sure it converts before you add more funds. Let the traffic in little by little, if you see the campaign working well.

The only method of having success with this is to continue testing and testing again. You can accelerate the program immediately if you determine that it is operating well and successfully.

Therefore, to use Google Adwords and Clickbank effectively and convert prospects into customers, choose long tail keyword phrases that are related to the specific products you're selling instead of keywords that you think will get a lot of traffic to your website.

Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error, but you will soon see that it is quite easy to make good money selling ClickBank digital products online if you know what you are doing.