Binary Options

Welcome to the Binary Options page, the place to discover how to get rich trading these options on the open market using software and tricks. Please remember that there is an element of risk involved in any kind of monetary trading.

Bearing this in mind, I will provide you with a simplified explanation of what this concept is.

What Are Binary Options?

For those that really have no idea what a binary option is, I'll explain what they are and how they work so you're not wading into something that you don't at first understand. If you are already something of an expert in this area, you probably won't need to read my simplified explanation!

The concept here is that it is a financial option where the end result, the payout, is either a pre-determined or fixed monetary value or nothing at all. This echoes the computer model of binary code where all calculations are done in mathematical base two which consists of just two numbers: a zero and a one.

This simple model that defined the earliest crude computers enables the determination of a decision to be either affirmative or negative (yes or no) by flicking a physical switch to either the "on" or "off" position. By lining up a series of switches in an array of eight (the register) the computing device became able to perform more complex mathematical computations by stringing the eight zeroes or ones together to form larger numbers.

However, for our purposes, all you need to know is that the most basic element of any computer is a switch that goes from off to on to represent an absolute decision that can only be a yes or a no. The same representation is used for binary options!

There are two types you need to know about, which are:

  1. Cash or nothing
  2. Asset of nothing

The first pays in a fixed amount of money, while the second pays in some form of asset or security. The asset-or-nothing type are also known as all-or-nothing digital options and are generally used in forex (foreign exchange) or interest rate markets producing Fixed Return Options (FRO) on the Stock Exchange.

There is some debate as to the validity of this kind of trading entity with some agencies viewing it as a form of gambling and therefore not legal in some jurisdictions. You will need to check that it is legal in your country or state before getting involved.

What is the Risk Factor?

Of course, in any form of trading on stocks, finances or interest rates, there is some risk involved. Since no one can truly predict the future with 100% accuracy, there is no way to know for certain if the value of an asset will go up, go down or stay the same in the next hour or even the next minute.

There are many high level software packages and membership sites in existence that claim to be able to predict outcomes with a high level of accuracy (but never 100%). These can reduce the risk factor by some degree, although it will always be present no matter how good the software happens to be.

I have gathered some of the best programs or packages that are currently available together and listed them below so you can take a look for yourself and judge whether they offer the least risk for your needs while providing for maximum profits for your investment. Please look below for the list of sub-pages that will show you how in some different languages: