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The incredible attraction of making money online from home lures many curiosity seekers to want to know how it's done. There is more than one way, but the end result is an income that is generated from an online presence that can help you achieve financial freedom as well as time freedom.

What are those two freedoms I just mentioned and how is it possible to achieve them? Let's look:

Financial Freedom

making money onlineThis basically means whatever system you have put I place to generate money from the Internet is creating more money than you can spend, regularly and consistently. It means you do not need to work at a job for a boss but still get paid a regular and attractive income for apparently doing very little actual work.

The reality is there is a lot of work to do, especially at the outset. However, once you have created your own cash generating system and it is working, all you need to do is to build on your initial success.

It allows more freedom because you can offset some of your own workload to outside sources (outsourcing) which frees you up to concentrate on the most important aspects of your system or business as you prefer to call it. Those important aspects are generating ideas that will make more money when you implement them, something that is rarely possible to do when you're working for someone else!

Time Freedom

When you work at a job, you are literally trading your time for money. That incidentally is the worst way of making money!

time freedomThe whole point of working for yourself is to free up more of your time for you to enjoy while still making good money. I'll explain how you can do that below.

As above, when you work for yourself, you are not limited to regular working hours. That means leaving the house at a set time each morning to start work at a certain time, finish eight or more hours later and then get home again in the evening.

Yet there are more ways to use your time intelligently to generate more money without physically using up any more of that time. You cannot do this when you work for a company at a job, because you are forced to hand over so many of your hours each day to the company and you don't get any say in how to best use that time for you.

A company employs people to make a profit over and above what they are paying them to work there. That's not some kind of evil conspiracy, it's just sound business practice.

The company pays its staff enough to make it worth their time to work there and generally, the employees are grateful enough just to have a job. At the same time, the work the employees do makes more money for the company than the company pays them.

The only way to break free of that kind of enslavement scenario is to figure out how to make at least as much as the company is paying you and then quit the job and go make it for yourself. The benefits of doing that are that you get to control the value of your time in dollar terms.

As your own boss, you make the decisions on how your time is best used. If it means going to play golf with a potential client that could result in a cooperation that will increase your business (and your income), then going to play golf is a better use of your time than sitting in front of a computer wracking your brains over a spreadsheet.

On the flip side, if you take the day off a job to go play golf, all you get is some leisure time without the payoff.

Working from Home

Many people who look to making money from the Internet think about working from home. That's actually a great benefit of this way of working because it frees your time that would otherwise be wasted commuting to and from a job every day.

If I chose to figure out and add up all the personal hours that are wasted every day in commuting in one city alone, the figures would make depressing and outright appalling reading!

When you work at home you can choose when you want to start and when you finish for the day. If you want to take the day off, you just take the day off without having to ask anyone.

Sure, that sounds great, but you still need to remember that your task is now to generate your own income because nobody else is going to do it for you. So you might want to start exercising some personal discipline when it comes to your own working times, especially early on in your journey.

Another outstanding benefit is being able, at any time that suits you, to lean back in your chair, put your feet up on the desk, close your eyes and meditate for as long as you need. This is of course to generate ideas and strategies that will make you more money and free up more of your time.

Try doing that when you work in a corporate cubicle!


The concept of working from home for yourself to make an income that will not just sustain you and pay the bills, but provide for everything you need and want, is a sound one when you can make it work. That's the only fly in the ointment. You must make it work or you'll soon find yourself looking for a job again.

How depressing would that be?

Hopefully, the very idea of failure and its consequences will be enough to spur you on to succeed at all costs should you decide to take this route in life. If you do or you already have, perhaps you may find some of my related writings on the subject can help you to improve on your original ideas. You'll find the titles to those articles below:

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