Earn from Organic Search Engine Traffic

Lots of people are looking for ways to make money working from home and want to learn how to earn from organic search engine traffic directed to their web pages that review or promote certain products or services.

Well, there are a number of ways to make money online in abundance that can be used quite legitimately without it costing anything at the outset apart from your time and effort.

A lot of Internet Marketers are already using any number of them to achieve varying levels of income either passively or actively.

There are problems of course, such as the level and toughness of the competition as well as the individual Internet Marketer's ability (or not) to capitalise on the monetization of their websites by attracting sufficient organic search engine traffic.

Traffic is the Main Attraction

The problem that needs to be overcome for most is knowing how to get a steady and growing flow of visitors (traffic) to your website(s). organic trafficOnce you start attracting that organic search engine traffic, you'll start getting clicks on your PPC or affiliate ads or however else you have affected the monetization your site, especially if it is via affiliate marketing.

The beauty of working with the search engines and not against them is that it is a perfectly legitimate and above board method of getting that traffic without having to pay for it.

So the tough nut to crack here is how to get your site to rank high in the search engine pages to earn from your site's monetization. Depending upon which area of business, or niche you are targeting, that can be relatively easy, moderate, tough or nigh on impossible without a heck of a lot of work, time and effort.

Look for the Easy Road

So the road to success begins be taking the easy route rather than the tough one and banging our heads against a brick wall hoping to make a dent in it. The biggest and toughest brick wall to bash your head against is, ironically the "make money" niche!

The reason for that is because that niche is saturated with Internet Marketers and people who are trying to make a lot of money online. These are the very people who are sufficiently clued up about the very SEO (Search Enhine Optimization) techniques that you'll need to use to get to the top of the search engine results pages.

That means they know as much if not more about SEO and search engine ranking than you do, which is why their sites are at the top and yours are not.

Of course, you can do battle with these people and with enough time, hard work and effort you will succeed eventually, but then you have to ask yourself, "Is it really worth the effort?"

Niche Selection is Important

There are thousands of niches out there that are far easier to earn cash at than the "make money" niche. So when you're looking at some more easy ways to generate an online income then it make good horse sense to target the easier niches where there is a lot less clued up competition first.

Then once you are in a position where your online efforts are generating that income, you can turn your attention to the make money niche and have a stab at it. So why are all these other niches better ways to generate an income?

Well, the main reason is that many of them are not inhabited by lots of Internet Marketers. So the competition you'll be up against is much less likely to know the SEO techniques that you do and so you'll have an advantage over them in being able to overtake them on the SERPs.

Then you'll be attracting all the traffic for that niche who are much more likely to click on your site's ads and thereby earn some money for you.


Now, if you're wondering where all this inspired information comes from, I've learned an awful lot over the years doing exactly this strategy. I found my own inspiration many years ago and followed my own lead as well as that of others who were doing similar things outside of the mainstream marketing group.

An early tip came my way in the form of something called "long tail keywords."

I was intrigued, because just like most new marketers, I was searching for high traffic keywords to target without seeing the obvious problem that they were going to be the most competitive. It's all well and good writing the best article on a certain high traffic keyword and promoting it as best you can, but it won't attract any of that traffic unless your article gets ranked at or near the top of the organic search results.

And it will have a tough time ever seeing even the first page if the competition are already there hogging the front page with their own articles that are optimized and backlinked so strongly you just won't get a look in.

However, I found that when I targeted lower traffic, long tail keywords with my articles, they ranked better, quicker and more easily. Sure, they got lower traffic numbers than a high traffic keyword, but the beauty of targeting longer, four or five word keywords is that there are usually a number of closely related search terms that people search on.

My articles also ranked for these related keywords and when the total searches for all the related keywords were taken into account, the numbers were a lot bigger than the keyword tools tell you.

That is the secret to making money from the Internet via the organic search engine listings despite there being a lot of high power competition fighting it out for the best search terms.

It is even possible to make an income in the "make money" niche when you employ this tactic.

The Hardest is not so Hard

But didn't you just say that the "make money" niche was the hardest?

Yes I did, but while this site itself finds itself in the make money niche due mainly to its domain name (there wasn't a lot else I could have done with it) I might as well use it to chip away at the soft exterior of that niche by not going for the hard nut at the centre. The hard nut being the "make money" keyword, and the softer outer layers being the long tail keywords that surround that niche.

In the case of this particular post, the generic long tail keywords I am targeting are variations on the main term. For example, a term like "fast make money" actually gets searched on quite a lot.

It's a pie worth taking a slice of in my book. So while this site won't make much of a dent in the relatively lucrative 105,000 searches on "make money" last month, it'll stand a good chance of syphoning off some of the lesser hits that the results will attract.

But even that pales into insignificance when you look at some of the better niches out there.

Two things to remember:

First, Internet Marketers rarely click on ads, which is another good reason not to bother targeting the "make money" niche. You might be able to get the organic traffic, but the percentage of that traffic that will actually make any money for you rapidly is very low.

Second, all the other non-money related niches are searched on mainly by people who are NOT Internet Marketers and we are talking ordinary everyday people here. These people are searching for maybe a new CD, or some clothing, or some perfume, maybe a new cell phone etc. Or they're looking for information about something.

They don't care about how to make money online. They just want to do their search, find what they're looking for then either buy it or research it and leave.

That's where you, the intrepid Internet Marketer can make money. You create your site in your chosen niche, build it up with keyword relevant content and get some good backlinks with your main keywords in the anchor text, giving your site strong keyword authority.

That gets you onto the first page of your niche in the top search engine (Google). You start getting lots of organic search traffic for your keywords as people find your site and land on your homepage.

Now one of two things is going to happen.

  1. Your site is going to be a really useful resource with lots of relevant information on the niche's subject and some Pay Per Click (PPC) ads that you want your visitors to click on. People visit your site, read your information and are satisfied they got what they came for and they close your page.

    Did you make money? You made nothing, because these visitors had no reason to click your ads, because they got what they wanted from you.
  2. Your site is full of keyword relevant content, but it all sucks and doesn't tell anyone anything they really need to know, it is just full of useless but legible and readable content about the niche. You have the same PPC ads and also some affiliate ebooks about the niche subject in your sidebar.

    People visit your site and can't find what they want. Did you make money? You bet!

    Those visitors read some of your stuff, decided it wasn't what they wanted, but hey, there was a little ad in the top of the page that said they might find what they want, so they clicked that to see what it was all about. Or they saw an ebook that looked exactly like what they wanted, so they clicked that. You either made a few cents or even a dollar or two from the Adsense ad, or you made twenty or so bucks from the affiliate sale.

    Multiply that by a thousand visitors a day and you are into the fast make money league and happy days are here!

So that's pretty much how to make money online simply by not trying to fight the big guys who will just kick your ass, but skip around them and take your fight to the little guys who you can beat using affiliate marketing.

Nice analogy? Yeah, but you have to ask yourself this question:

"Do you want to make money online?"

If the answer is yes, then I've just told you how to do it. At the same time, I've just written an informative article on the subject which the search engines will love because it is SO on topic being all about earning cash online and it is SO relevant to this niche that I'm targeting and it actually is rather useful for anyone who wants to make money while working from home!